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Pork Blade Shoulder or Boneless pork chuck | 1 unit


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We would recommend you purchase frozen products to preserve all nutrients and prevent them from deterioration. the cold chain must not be interrumped to keep the product from losing its properties when defrosted.

Pork blade shoulder is a tender and succulent flesh due to the delicate fat that coats it. Buying this fresh pork blade shoulder means acquiring a red bright fles with a firm texture and a peculiar aroma characteristics of its breed.

DESCRIPTION: the iberian pork blade shoulder is located in the upper part of the shoulder, in the lower neck. It is particularly taken from the junction between the loin and the butt.

PACKAGING: 1 case x 1 pc

AVERAGE CASE WEIGHT: Without butt 1kg / Butt included 2 kg

PRICE PER KG: Without butt 10,89€/kg / Butt included 16,94€/kg


10% IVA incluido


Vacuum-packed product.

Refrigerates product within 10 days.

Frozen product 2 years.


  • Breed Iberian
  • Colour Bright red flesh
  • Texture consistent, fresh
  • Aroma distinctive fresh
  • Flavour consisteng; Allergenics allergen-free


  • Refrigerate at a lower temperature than 7ºC
  • Freeze at -20ºC
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