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We use cookies to improve and optimize users experience. In the following, you will find accurate information about cookies: types of cookies we may use in our website, how to disable them and how to block the use of third-party cookies.

What are cookies and how are they used on Ibéricos Yebra website?

Cookies are files saved on your phone, tablet or computer when you visit a website. We use cookies to store information about how you use the application or website, such as the pages you visit. As most websites, Ibéricos Yebra uses cookies for:

  • Check our website works properly.

  • Remember your preferences such as language and font size.

  • Store information about your browsing experience.

  • Gain anonymised statistical information about the websites you visit or the time you spend in our platform.

We use cookies in order to implement improvements in your browsing experience based on your habits by adapting the information displayed and the services offered according to your preferences. Ibéricos Yebra uses cookies in the platform so that it works properly making users browsing experience as easy and efficient as possible.

Users who have completed the registration process or have logged in with their access data may enter some customised services adapted to their preferences based on their provided personal information stored by the cookies of your browser when signed up. 

  • Registered users: authentication cookies are temporary (or session cookies), but users can set them to be persistent by checking “Remember login” in the settings panel. 

  • Registered users: session cookies are deleted 30 minutes after closing your browser.

  • All types of users: language preferences are stored in a “language cookie”. Unless there are available more languages, the default language will be always the same as the browser’s language on which the page is being viewed.

How can I block or allow cookies?

The user will be able to manage which cookies they want to work on this website at any time with the browser setting panel.

There are available online third-party tools which enable users to detect the cookies on each website and manage their deactivation.

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